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May 30th 2003
News update: Read more about upcoming Tony Awards + video preview of the show here.

May 29th 2003 second update
[VOTE] update : If you go here you can vote even if you're not AOL or TeenPeople subscriber :  Discovered by HJC :)

May 29th 2003
News update: [VOTE] Vote for Hugh Jackman in Teen People - teen choice awards 2003 click here  Only AOL members and Teen People subscribers are allowed to vote.Tony Awards : Check out this page for various multimedia from Tony Awards 2003 . Possible new project ? read more here . If you're into musicals :"Turner Classic Movies will celebrate the upcoming Tony Awards with “Countdown to the Tonys: A Film Festival of Tony-Winning Broadway Musicals.

May 28th 2003
News update:Late Show with David Letterman will be on ZTV Norge once again (in case you've missed it) . June 3rd 2003. Tony Awards pre show will be on NY1 News : 'The 90-minute special airing 6:30-8 PM ET, marks the second straight year that the cable channel has offered red-carpet coverage at Radio City Music Hall, home to this year’s Tony Awards.'

May 27th 2003
AOL icons update: New AOL buddy icon added (pre Van Helsing) lol :)

PS: please do not use AOL icons on other forums and messageboards as avatar icons or sth like that.. It takes a lot of bandwidth from

May 26th 2003
News update:AOL has special "Inside the game" feature dedicated to X2 Wolverines revenge with picture gallery end extra long trailer . Use Keyword x2wolverine to get there.

May 24th&25th 2003 (weekend update)
Wallpaper update: New "Van Helsing" wallpaper added to wallpaper section of the site.



May 23rd 2003
News update:Wanna know more about X2 special effects read this article. Hugh Jackman is confirmed to be presenting awards at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards.

May 22nd 2003
News update: Counting down to "Van Helsing"? Check out this photo gallery of upcoming Hugh Jackman movie here .

May 21st 2003
News update:More about Tony Awards here. FanArt: I'm starting new setcion of the site it's "FanArt".. First drawing was sent to me by 15 year old Nikki.

May 20th 2003
News update: Hugh Jackman will be Tony host!!!
"Hugh Jackman won't be making his Broadway debut until this fall - playing entertainer Peter Allen in the musical The Boy From Oz - but he will be the host of the 2003 Tony Awards show June 8." more info here

May 19th 2003
News update:E! television will pobably air in June 2003 repeat of Saturday Night Live with Hugh. New X2 AOL Buddy icons added :


May 16&17&18th  2003
News update:Possible new movie project ? Multimedia: Another multimedia file added .. it's from MTV TRL X2 special download audio here.

May 15th  2003
News update: "X2: X-Men United is a blast with a heart; the rare sequel that combines action, special effects, clever writing and humanity to outpace the original." read entire review on this page . Multimedia: I've added new file to audiozone .. It's  Hugh Jackman interview from ABC's Regis and Kelly show... download it from here.

May 14th  2003
News update: store is the new place where you will find some merchandise promoting the community. Be a part of the community and spread the word by purchasing and wearing one of the official t-shirts.

BTW: Multimedia section is back online :o)

May 13th  2003
News update:Jackman goes from mutant to monsters for next film . Scandinavian viewers do not forget to watch David Letterman on ZTV tonight ...On Monday, the 19th at 8:00pm, Hugh will be on "Secrets of Superstar Fitness - X2." It's a 30-minute show.  It'll be repeated at 11:00PM (Health Channel in US)

May 12th  2003
News update: Just a quick update : X2 review X2 marks a similar spot , Adventure you can sink your claws into ... more to come ...

May 11th  2003 weekend update
Reading time :) X-tra success sparks superhero boom , The action film evolves: Y you should see ‘X2’ ... BTW : thanks for joining our first chat ...  I was chaaatttting with myself for 5 hours :P a punishment no mulimedia for a week lol :)

May 10th  2003 weekend update
Yahoo! Australia and NZ is running a competition for all X-Men fans . If you live in AU or NZ you can enter here on this page (ends may 14 2003). They also have exclusive clip from X2 featuring Wolverine and Ice Man  you can view it here (really cool). Article : X2 makes history ... more to come ...............

May 9th  2003
News update: As usual "by accident" lol i've recorded another tv ad for X2 game : Wolverine's Revenge. This short clip comes from MTV France and you can view it here(poor audio sorry) . Check more about x2 game on our feature page here.....and ... more to come this weekend ..  Oh ... don't forget to join us this saturday at 4pm US ET , 10pm CET in our live chat .. Hope to see you all there :o)

May 8th  2003
News update: Reading time :) 1)"X-MEN" IGNITE BLOCKBUSTER SEASON 2)Last words on X2: X-Men United 3)A superior superhero sequel  4)More sequels and franchises for 'X-Men' seem likely .... more to come ...

May 7th  2003
News update:HI :) As you all know Hugh was yesterday on Dave Letterman show? You didn't know :-/ ooops... no worries listen to clips from this interview first  here and second here... This  is quite funny. Did you know about 47 movie mistakes (so far) in X2 ... read article here and view all mistakes on this website ... CBS' Early show interview is available online for free on CBSNEWS website .. exellent! go see it . Our members can download whole interview check our members zone for details.

May 6th  2003
News update: X2: Original Motion Picture Score is now available to buy everywhere. X-Men blitzes US box office, Perfect Storm can you believe ($155.000.000 in the first weekend). Hugh interview from ABC's GMA video also available (on ABC site).Video from X2 Global chat (Hugh Jackman interview) is here . Download official X2 screensaver before it hits official website (insider e-mail) ;). Did you miss MTV's TRL with X2 cast ? Yes? Ooooo ? Check this (67 pic) gallery now .SiteInfo: To all future members of Join our AOL group first and use it  post messages , news , photos etc...  and then use form to request password or  your request will be rejected without notice. Thanks!

May 5th  2003
Here are the winners from total 217 entries :

  • J.Wiercinski (USA)
  • Christina Williams (England)
  • Kelly Greenway (Australia)
  • Claire Delaere (France)
  • Yvone Isbell (USA)

Congratulations! to Winners !  Infocards are on it's way to you now.

ON TV : US viewers: Hugh is scheduled to be a guest on "Regis & Kelly" on Wednesday, May 7th 2003. German viewers: "Swordfish" will be premiered on Premiere 1 on May 18th at 20:15 . Multiple screenings on P1,2,3,4 thruout the month of May and June check detailed schedules here . French viewers: X-men will be on CineCinema Frisson on these dates (first screening today at 17:10)

May 4th  2003 (weekend update)
News update:Want more X2? I know the answer to this question ... Talking Movies weekly movie  show on BBC World is featuring long interview with Patrick Stewart and many clips from X2 movie. Check your local schedules for possible repeat of this show or watch X2part of this show here ;).

May 3rd  2003 (weekend update)
News update: Reviews 'X2' better than the original Site update : As promised 2 new X2 wallpapers added to wallpaper section. New monthly clip featured in ScreeningRoom There's ony 2 days until our competition closes hurry hurry :) ... More updates tomorrow ... see you then.

May 2nd  2003 third update (busy day) ;)
News update:I've managed to buy the only one !! movie magazine in Poland with Hugh featured on the cover. Here's the scan of it ....and here's the scan of X2 infocard you can win in contest. Note: You can use these scans on other sites but please at least credit this site for scanning them and put a link back (thanks ;) ). Anyway just got back home from first screening in my local Cinema .... and I can only say X2 ROCKS !!!!! Go and see it !!! :))

May 2nd  2003 second update
News update: X2: Original Motion Picture Score will hit stores May 6th. AOL new movie preview including X2 is now on line (extra looong X2 clip inside the preview) Go to AOL keyword : Movies or click here aol://1722:movies .

May 2nd  2003 (X2 premieres in the US)
News update: Official X2 website posted some cool gadgets . One of them is X2 Extreme desktop . The Boy from Oz site is officialy open check it out for more info. E!Online has posted some red carpet pics from X2 USA premiere .

May 1st  2003 second update
News update:Okay this update is for all AOL users out there AOL Entertainment channel has an X2 featured on the main page. Hugh is on 50 most beautiful people list of 2003. Okay for those who can not access AOL here are the screenshots ;)
First screen Second (nothing special but whattta :) ) . For all : Oh and you can check these cool clips from X2 US premiere on this page .You can also read FoxNews article here . gUEss what will be added this weekend ? More X2 wallpapers by Jade  . Once again thanks for sending them .They are great !!!! :)

May 1st  2003 (X2 premieres in Poland)
Did you miss Hugh Jackman interview on Jay Leno show on April 28th ? I have added audio version of it to audiozone section in case you did miss it lol (poor quality audio to save disc space for more stuff to come sorry :o) )BTW: Can't wait to see X2 tomorrow ;) I have best seat  in da house (bought tickets week in advance)

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