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March 31st  2003
I have created someting totally new. Imagine your cellphone and Hugh Jackman inside ? Impossible? Not any more. Introducing Hugh Jackman logos for Nokia phones. As for now 2 logos and 1 welcome logo for all nokia phones. Welcome logo for members only. Download your logos in our download section.

March 30th  2003 second update
Hugh Jackman's New project ?: it's possible ,read more here , article from Australian Herald Sun Sunday.

March 30th  2003
New Hugh Jackman game ! ... Our members can download new puzzle game from our download section right here . Not a member join us free here and join the fun .

March 29th  2003
I'm back with more Hugh Jackman goodies :) This time listen to Jay Leno interview from 2001 . In audiozone.

March 28th  2003
Hugh Jackman's upcoming movie "Van Helsing" will take "SpiderMan's 2nd" release date " May 7th  in 2004. and ..... Read article how Aussies invade Hollywood here

March 27th  2003
I've found somewhere on my cd-rom's this Hugh Jackman interview from Conan O'Brien show listen here.

March 26th  2003
If you live near Mann's Village Theater in Westwood write down this date : Monday, April 28th 2003. 
X-men 2 World Premiere will take place there!! Everything starts at 6:30pm.

March 25th  2003
News update  : ?New movie? maybe ? check it out for more info (scroll down , Hugh mentioned at the end of this article)

March 24th  2003
New wallpaper created by Mary from USA available for download in our wallpaper section . If you're creating Hugh Jackman related stuff send it to me (Fanfic , Wallpapers , AOL icons etc .. ). I'll feature it on the site with your name.

March 23rd  2003
New AOL icons are available for you in our aol icons section check them out!

March 22nd  2003 
Another wallpaper is available for download in our wallpaper section. Very simple but i think it's nice ;).
New AOL icons and more wallpapers coming up next!
You can expect desktop theme for PC very soon

March 21st 2003 second update
Hugh Jackman Talks 'Van Helsing' Role. You can read this article at killermovies dot com .. and Aussies miss Chicago triumph ? What would ... read it here

March 21st 2003
New wallpaper is available for download in our wallpaper section. Very simple but i think it's nice ;).

March 20th 2003 second update
Yahoo! Movies has special page for X-men 2 with lots of production stills and videoclips check them out here

March 20th 2003
Great news for all Kate and Leopold fans in Poland. Kate and Leopold movie (VCD) will be added free to every issue of Viva! magazine.If you don't live in 
Poland , don't worry I'll buy few issues and will give away 1 free in website competition soon !

March 19th 2003
Great news for all Hugh Jackman and Kate and 
Leopold fans in scandinavia. Kate and Leopold returns due to popular demand to KIOSK ppv channe17 next week ! We have exclusive HQ preview for our members.

March 18th 2003 second update
Hugh Jackman
news update : Empire Online article regarding  his role in  Van Helsing !

March 18th 2003 
Hugh Jackman news update :New Haven register features article on upcoming movies including 
X-men 2.While waiting for X2 maybe you want to know everything about X-men ? Here's your chance.. I have found this canadian website with lots of articles on X-men check it out . Don't forget to join our online club and join the fun !

March 17th 2003
Do you speak german ? Even if you don't you can watch this clip from "Someone like you "from german tv channel premiere. We have 2 clips for you (1 exclusive for our members)

March 14th 2003
Oh yeah we're back :we have new domain  name for our  online home : .New sections were added , don't forget to join our online club and join the fun ! :). 

March 13th 2003
Leopold wallpaper added to wallpaper section. Desktop Theme and AOL icons will be added soon.

March 12th 2003
New Swordfish videoclip is in multimedia section. New wallpapers on the way so check back often :)

March 11th 2003
First version of Hugh Jackman City screensaver is now available for download from download section .

March 10th 2003
New multimedia file added  Swordfish preview 
from Canal+HDTV

March 9th 2003
New file in multimedia section this time it is a preview of Someone Like You from Canal+ HDTV..

March 8th 2003
New (sort of) trailer of X-men2 is available for download from our multimedia section - right here

March 7th 2003
I've recorded for you PPV preview of Kate & Leopold. You can find it our multimedia section.

March 6th 2003
X-Men 2 - Double-sided poster is available to buy online.I've found this one on website.

X-Men 2

March 5th 2003
I've checked european tv guides and found that Someone like You is showing on Premiere in Germany and Kate & Leopold is on PPV in Scandinavia on Viasat's Ticket and CanalDigital's KIOSK channels.

March 4th 2003
New Someone like You photos were aded to photos section of the site.I hope you'll like them. Hugh Jackman day on TV: Someone like you will premiere on canal plus channels in netherlands March 4th (today at 4:50pm and 9pm). Also Swordfish in on c+ today- 4pm.

March 3rd 2003
EW website has some interesting info about x-men2 you can view some producion stills and read more about the upcoming film ..

March 2nd 2003
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