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June 28th 2003
News update: If you want to be up to date with X-men 3 be sure to bookmark this page . Viewers in North America prepare your VCR's : Parkinson will air on BBC America on July 25th at 8pm. New wallpaper will be added next week ;)

June 23rd 2003
Site update: Just wanted all of You know that thru summer 2003 this site will be updated on weekly basis (on weekends saturdays or sundays) Everything will be back to normal this september. 
I need some time off after my graduation ;)
~~Have a great summer!~~

June 21st & 22nd 2003 (weekend update)

News update: Are you ready for Van Helsing ? The first photo of Hugh Jackman in costume has appeared at Entertainment Weekly's official site preview it here.


June 19th & 20th 2003
News update: Hugh is featured on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. EW only on AOL has something for you to read . Screenshots for non AOL users ;) : welcome screen and EW webpage .

June 18th 2003
TV & Multimedia update:Kate and Leopold is  showing on HBO in Czech Republic check out this hbo  preview of K&L .

June 17th 2003
News update:Take your singing STAR quiz ..guess where's Hugh. Check empire online audio quiz here

June 16th 2003
Wallpaper update: I know you all love Leo :) so here's another one for your enjoyment.

June 14th&15th 2003 (Weekend update)
News update: "Expect X-Men 3 to get underway as early as January  at Vancouver Film Studios, giving the local feature film folk some steady work" read full article on this website .

June 13th 2003 (Friday the 13th)
News update: Possible new role for Hugh ? read here.

June 12th 2003
Wallpaper update: New wallpaper added. Leo again ;)

June 11th 2003
News update: Wanna see Hugh in SNL and Tony Awards ... YES! ok ... hurry over here .Lily has it all , excellent new multimedia resource for our enjoyment.

June 10th 2003
News update: Misc. Tony Awards moments : Pic of Hugh and his wife , Only Hugh . Hugh will be featured in Extreme close up on canadian StaR! channel.

June 9th 2003
News update:Tony Awards 2003 whaaataaa night ... At least check out few pictures right here in case you've missed the show it last night.... also videos available to watch over here .

June 7th&8th 2003 (weekend update)
News update: Kate and Leopold is now available on Premiere DIREKT PPV channel in Germany. Screenings available every 30 minutes more info here . Plus new "Kate and Leopold" wallpaper created by HBO Poland staff ... btw ; Kate and Leo also available on HBO Poland Max Pack , so if you live in Poland
check it out. Have a great weekend...

June 6th 2003
News update:More info on upcoming Tony awards : read articles here and here. Plus new "Swordfish" wallpaper created by HBO Poland staff :

June 5th 2003
News update:Read the latest Q&A with Hugh Jackman on website right here (plus big picture there too)

June 4th 2003
News update: EXTRA TV has MTV movie awards article + photo gallery (with : Hugh) check it out. Daily Telegraph article :  Hugh Jackman's rising star. Schedules for upcoming weekend on MTV Europe !

June 3rd 2003
News update: FX Network is beginning a DVD on TV special starting with X-Men on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT .They are going to broadcast the movie along with features that you would see on the DVD like interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, etc. THE BOY FROM OZ TICKET CONTEST - Official website is running competition where you can win tickets to TBFO . (Found by Khaki on HJ list)

June 2nd 2003 (MTV MA 2003)
MTV Movie awards 2003 picture gallery is now available to view ... check it here. Close up picture found in here ...

May 31st & June 1st 2003 (weekend update)
News update:More "Inside Van Helsing" info can be found on this page.Plus this new Van Fran.AOL icon


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